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Product Name: MAF

Release Date: 2018-04-17

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Product Details

Product features:
High power, small volume, high torque, high rigidity, high efficiency, low noise and low backlash.
Product introduction:
The rotating output flange replaces the traditional output shaft, giving it a unique power transmission solution.
Planetary gear is supported by two ends of the needle roller bearing on the shaft, which enhances the torsional stiffness.
The output shaft is supported by 2 tapered roller bearings to achieve greater load carrying capacity.
Return interval less than 3 arcs
- the standard deceleration ratio from 4 to 100
Fast realization of connection with any motor output shaft (self setting input flange).
The standard temperature is -15 C ~45 C. If your requirements exceed this range, please contact us.
The rating of the rated protection is IP65
Life-long maintenance free

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