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Talent recruitment 4

2018-04-25 Hits:58
MOTOREDUCER (China, Suzhou) is seeking a sales manager.

MOTOREDUCER planetary reducer has been launched in China since 2010, and has successfully served thousands of industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises in various fields. Now, in order to meet the improvement of the overall level of industrial manufacturing, better adhering to the concept of "using world leading technology and creating value for the world", the company strictly adheres to the national various systems, provides employees with five risks and other benefits, provides good and tidy working environment for employees, and the company is now recruiting for development needs. Hire sales manager. The specific treatment is negotiable.

sales manager
Type of recruitment: full time
Position classification: sales business sales manager
Professional requirements: mechanical / energy / material
Minimum Diploma: College College
Sex: Unlimited
Age requirements: 20 ~ 40 years old
Working life: Unlimited
Number of recruits: 1
Marital status: Unlimited
Computer level: good
Household registration requirements: Unlimited
Language requirements: not limited: General;
Salary level: Discussion
Requirements for office:
1, major in machinery, college or above.
2, frank and confident, optimistic and enterprising, with high enthusiasm for work.
3. Good team spirit and dedication.
4. Ability to analyze and solve problems independently.
5. Good communication skills and persuasiveness, able to work under great pressure.

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